vrijdag 5 september 2014

That British Sound - Volume 5

01.The Rattles My Gal Is Red Hot (1:53) 02.Vince Eager Yeah Yeah (2:29) 03.The Dc5 No Stopping (2:06) 04.Jimmie Powell Tom Hark (2:02) 05.The Barons Whirlwind (1:32) 06.Danny Hunter Make It Up (2:00) 07.Washington D.C.'s Carol (2:25) 08.Peter Jay And The Blue Men Just Too Late (1:40) 09.Lee Diamond Josephine (2:07) 10.Davy Jones Baby Baby (1:52) 11.Clive Scott Nightmare (2:11) 12.Tommy Sampson Rock N Roll Those Big Brown Eyes (2:16) 13.Ottilie Patterson Baby Please Don't Go (1:46) 14.Dickie Rock Twenty Flight Rock (2:45) 15.The Thunderbirds Delilah Jones (2:07) 16.Michael Cox Too Hot To Handle (2:10) 17.The Dc5 On The Move (2:27) 18.Davy Jones Amapola (2:11) 19.Phil Tate Countdown (2:18) 20.Jess Conrad It Can Happen To You (2:19) 21.King Size Taylor Slippin' N'slidin' (2:41) 22.Jackie Lynton Talkin' 'bout You (2:29) 23.Danny Adams Bye Bye Baby, Bye Bye (2:41) 24.Rory Blackwell Bye Bye Love (2:14) 25.Tommy Sampson Rockin' (2:31) 26.Vince Eager Soda - Pop Pop (2:25) 27.Zen Tracey Shamrocker (2:01) 28.Chris Ravel Don't You Dig This Kind Of Beat 29.Rikky Baron Angry Young Man 30.Johnny Brandon & The Wildcats Going On A journey 31.Grant Tracy & The Sunsets Say When


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