vrijdag 5 september 2014

That British Sound Volume 1

Jimmy Miller-Jelly Baby/Tommy Bruce-Shakin' All Over/Dickie Pried-Slippin' & Sliddin'/Brian Bentley-Caramba/Shane Fenton-It's Gonna Take Magic/The Valkyries-What's Your Name/Jimmy Crawford-Long String Baby/The Mohicans-Mohican Crawl/Grant Tracy-Everybody Shake/Screamin' Lord Sutch-Don't YOu Just KNow It/Johnny Gray-Apache/Bobby Angelo-baby Sittin'/Denny Setton-Short Fat Fanny/Nicky James-My Colour Is Blue/The Valkyries-Rip It Up/Ray Ellington-Charlie Brown/Roy Young-Hey Little Girl/Dave Sampson-If You Need Me/The Greenbeats-I'm On Fire/Jeff Rowena-Ten Ton Caroline/Janis Peters-This Little Girl's Gone RockIn'/Mickie Most L'idole A Pierres-Yves) -Paralyzed

That British Sound - Vol 1.rar

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