vrijdag 5 september 2014

Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers - vol 5

1. Crazy Memories ROY ALDEN 2. Pink Cadillac JIMMY EVANS 3. Dance Baby Dance JAY HADLEY 4. She Won’t let Me Down CURTIS LITTLE 5. Get With It MARCUS VAN STORY 6. What Am I Gonna Do JIMMY EVANS 7. Your Pilot Light Went Out ROY JONES 8. She Knows How To Rock Me JAY HADLEY 9. Cocklebur TINY FULLER 10. Hollywood PAUL LITTLE 11. American Sound Stomp JIMMY EVANS 12. Goodbye Marie MALCOLM YELVINGTON 13. Moving South BILL SCOTT DAVIS 14. Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You ROLAND EATON 15. John’s Place JIMMY EVANS 16. Whole Lot Of You On My Mind THOMAS JERNIGAN 17. Cotton Land Jump JAY HADLEY 18. Little Susie JIMMY EVANS 19. Country Beat For A Saturday Night JAY HADLEY 20. Hot Top TINY FULLER 21. Way Down Blues MALCOLM YELVINGTON 22. I Hate To Say Goodbye JIMMY EVANS 23. Rockin’ With Red RED HADLEY 24. 706 Union Breakdown JIMMY EVANS 25. Country Shortnin’ Bread JAY HADLEY 26. Part Time Man TOMMY PEAIRCE 27. Johnny B. Goode JIMMY EVANS 28. Mystery Train TINY FULLER 29. It Don’t Hurt Much Anymore JIM WALDROP 30. Coming Home LANNIE-LEE 31. Take Me To Your Leader TOMMY PEAIRCE 32. Beans And Cornbread GAIL AYERS 33. Wino Of The Year JIM WALDROP 34. Where Is Linda CURTIS LITTLE 35. Pink Cadillac (alternate version) JIMMY EVANS 36. Memphis 1955 JIMMY EVANS
Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers - vol 5.rar

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  1. What a fucking waste of time this shit is. Fuck Em all.. Not a shitty song....