woensdag 13 augustus 2014

Whirlwind - The Phillips International Story

Disc 1:
Whirlwind - Charlie Rich Mona Lisa - Carl Mann Sadie's Back in Town - Sonny Burgess That's the Way I Love - Johnny Carroll Stairway to Nowhere - Ernie Barton Raunchy - Bill Justis Tootsie - Carl McVoy Mad at You - Mack Self I'm On My Way Home - Cliff Thomas Baby I Don't Care - Eddie Bush I'm Getting Better All the Time - Barbara Pittman In the Mood - The Hawk Love My Baby - Hayden Thompson Little Blue Bird Told Me - Lee Mitchell Crazy Baby - Ken Cook Like Catchin' Up - Brad Suggs Sorry I Lied - Cliff Thomas Lonely Weekends - Charlie Rich These Silly Blues - Bobbie & The Boys I'm Comin' Home - Carl Mann Open the Door Richard - Ernie Barton Please Convince Me - Buddy Blake Point of View - Wayne Powers Somehow Without You - Mickey Milan After the Hop - Bill Pinky

Disc 2:
Everlasting Love - Barbara Pittman College Man - Bill Justis Rebound - Charlie Rich Pretend - Carl Mann One Broken Heart - Hayden Thompson You Are My Sunshine - Carl McVoy Sally's Got a Sister - Bill Pinky All Your Love - Cliff Thomas A Kiss Goodnight - Sonny Burgess Willie Brown - Mack Self Rainin' the Blues - Ernie Barton Your Fool - Jimmy Louis The Frog - Lee Mitchell To Tell the Truth - Bobbie & The Boys I Walk the Line - Brad Suggs You Pass Me By - Buddy Blake More Pretty Girls Than One - Edwin Howard Leave It to Me - Cliff Thomas I'll Wait - Johnny Carroll I Was a Fool - Ken Cook On My Knees - Charlie Rich Shut Your Mouth - Ernie Barton Two Young Fools in Love - Barbara Pittman The Wayward Wind - Carl Mann My Love Song - Wayne Powers

Whirlwind CD1.rar                                                             Whirlwind CD2.rar

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