vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

West Tennessee & Arkansas Rockin'

1 CharlesDean&The Rondells Parking In The Dark 2 Charles Dean&The Rondells Mary's Swingin'Lamb 3 Charles Dean&The Rondells Train Whistle Boogie 4 Charles Dean&The Rondells Itchy 5 Charles Dean&The Rondells She Knows How To Rock 6 Ron&Ellie Jaye Road Runner 7 The Odds&Ends&Gary Gourd Vicious Circle 8 Gene Presley&The Invaders Cupid Shot Atiger 9 Sammy Barr A Little Bigger Rig 10 The Swing Rayes Ramrod 11 The Swing Rayes Don't Be Cruel 12 The Swing Rayes Rhythm King Rock 13 The Swing Rayes Shake Rattle&Roll 14 The Swing Rayes Nite Ride 15 The Swing Rayes Matchbox 16 The Swing Rayes Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin'On 17 The Swing Rayes Trouble 18 Billy Hanblin&The Bobcats Be Mine 19 Billy Hanblin&The Bobcats Voodoo girl 20 The Thunderbirds Walking Down The Road 21 The Thunderbirds Ubangi Stomp 22 The Thunderbirds Blue Moon Of Kentucky 23 The Thunderbirds T Bird Rock 24 Charles Dean&The Rondells Big Boss Man 25 Charles Dean &The Rondells Baby Sweet Lovin' 26 Charles Dean & The Rondells What'd I Say 27 Charles Dean & The Rondells Rockin'Tennesee 28 Charles Dean &The Rondells High School Confidential 29 Charles Dean& The Rondells I Got A Woman 30 Charles Dean & The Rondells You Win Again 31 Charles Dean & The Rondells Parking in the Dark 32 Teddy Redell John Henri Blues 33 Luke Royer& The Rounders One's All The Law Will Allow
West Tennessee & Arkansas Rockin'.rar

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