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CD 1
That's All Right (Elvis Presley) Good Rockin' Tonight (Elvis Presley) Baby Let's Play House (Elvis Presley) Mystery Train (Elvis Presley) Carl Perkins In Memphis (Advertising Spot) (Carl Perkins) Blue Suede Shoes (Test Acetate) (Carl Perkins) You Can't Make Love To Somebody (Carl Perkins) Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby (Carl Perkins) Dixie Fried (Carl Perkins) Put Your Cat Clothes On - 1 (Carl Perkins) Put Your Cat Clothes On - 2 (Carl Perkins) That Don't Move Me (Carl Perkins) Only You (Carl Perkins) Pink Pedal Pushers (Carl Perkins) That's Right (Carl Perkins) Crawdad Hole ((Jack Earls) If You Don't Mind (Jack Earls) Slow Down (Jack Earls) A Fool For Loving You (Jack Earls) Sign It On The Dotted Line (Jack Earls) Rock All Night (Glenn Honeycutt) I'll Be Around (Glenn Honeycutt) I'll Wait Forever (Glenn Honeycutt) Be Wise, Don't Cry (Glenn Honeycutt) Come On Little Mama - 1 (Ray Harris) Where'd You Stay Last Night (Ray Harris) Come On Little Mama - 2 Harris, Ray Love Dumb Baby (Ray Harris) Green Back Dollar, Watch And Chain - 1 (Ray Harris) Foolish Heart (Ray Harris) Lonely Wolf (Ray Harris) Green Back Dollar, Watch And Chain - 2 (Ray Harris)

CD 2
Cotton Pickin' Boogie (Johnny Bernero Band) Rockin' At The Woodchopper's Ball (Johnny Bernero Band) It Makes No Difference Now (Johnny Bernero Band) Bernero's Boogie (Johnny Bernero Band) I Don't Mind (Johnny Bernero Band) The Blond In Red Velvet (Kirby Sisters) You'll Always Belong To Me (Kirby Sisters) So Tired (Kirby Sisters) Sentimental Fool (Barbara Pittman) I Need A Man (Barbara Pittman) Voice Of A Fool (Barbara Pittman) I'm Getting Better All The Time (Barbara Pittman) Everlasting Love (Barbara Pittman) Bop Bop Baby (The College Kids) Don't Need Your Lovin' - 1 (The College Kids) Don't Need Your Lovin' - 2 (The College Kids) Wild Woman (The College Kids) Cindy Lou (Dick Penner) Honey Love (Dick Penner) Fine Little Baby (Dick Penner) Move Baby Move (Dick Penner) Ooby Dooby (Roy Orbison) Go! Go! Go! (Roy Orbison) Rockhouse (Roy Orbison) Domino (Roy Orbison) Rock-A-Billy Gal (Hayden Thompson) Rakin' And Scapin' (Dean Beard) Long Time Gone (Dean Beard) That's The Way I Love (Johnny Carroll) Rock Baby, Rock It (Johnny Carroll)

CD 3
Tennessee Zip (Kenny Parchman) I Feel Like Rockin' (Kenny Parchman) Love Crazy Baby (Kenny Parchman) Treat Me Right (Kenny Parchman) Get It Off Your Mind (Kenny Parchman) What's The Reason (Kenny Parchman) You Call Everybody Darlin' (Kenny Parchman) Two Timin' Baby (Bill Bowen) Go Ahead Baby (Luke McDaniel) Huh Babe (Luke McDaniel) High High High (Luke McDaniel) My Baby Don't Rock (Luke McDaniel) That's What I Tell My Heart (Luke McDaniel) Rockhouse (Harold Jenkins) Crazy Dreams (Harold Jenkins) Give Me Some Love (Harold Jenkins) I Need Your Lovin' Kiss (Harold Jenkins) Born To Sing The Blues (Harold Jenkins) Goin' Crazy (Mack Self) Mad At You (Mack Self) Good Lookin' Woman (Jimmy Williams) Rock-A-Bye Baby (Jimmy Williams) Sweet Rocking Mama (Jimmy Williams) Sonny Boy (Jimmy Williams) Fire Engine Red (Jimmy Williams) Tomorrow (Jimmy Williams) Please Don't Cry Over Me (Jimmy Williams) That Depends On You (Jimmy Williams) All I Want Is You (Jimmy Williams) My One Desire (Jimmy Williams)

CD 4
Down On The Border (Gene Simmons) Don't Let Me Down (The Miller Trio) Shake Rattle And Roll (Gene Simmons) It's Me Baby (Malcolm Yelvington) Rockin' With My Baby (Malcolm Yelvington) Trumpet (Malcolm Yelvington) Ten Cats Down (The Miller Sisters) The Fools Hall Of Fame (Rudy Richardson) Cheese And Crackers (Rosco Gordon) Sally Jo (Rosco Gordon) We Wanna Boogie (Sonny Burgess) Red Headed Woman (Sonny Burgess) Life's Too Short To Live (Joe Lewis) Ain't Got A Thing (Sonny Burgess) Feelin' Good (Sonny Burgess) Truckin' Down The Avenue (Sonny Burgess) Restless (Sonny Burgess) Find My Baby For Me (Sonny Burgess) Sadie Brown (Sonny Burgess) Thunderbird (Sonny Burgess) Rock 'N' Roll Ruby (Warren Smith) Stop The World (Warren Smith) Uranium Rock (Warren Smith) Dear John (Warren Smith) Trouble Bound (Billy Riley) Rock With Me Baby (Billy Riley) Flying Saucer Rock And Roll (Billy Riley) I Want You Baby (Billy Riley) Red Hot (Billy Riley) No Name Girl(Billy Riley) One More Time (Billy Riley) Got Your Water Boiling (Billy Riley)

CD 5
Blues At Midnight (Gene Simmons) Pop And Mama (Gene Simmons) The Chains Of Love (Gene Simmons) Juicy Fruit (Gene Simmons) Drinkin' Wine (Gene Simmons) I Done Told You (Gene Simmons) Crazy Woman (Gene Simmons) I Don't Love You Baby (Gene Simmons) Money Money Money (Gene Simmons) If I'm Not Wanted (Gene Simmons) Love My Baby - 1 (Hayden Thompson) One Broken Heart (Hayden Thompson) Fairlane Rock (Hayden Thompson) Blues Blues Blues (Hayden Thompson) Love My Baby - 2 (Hayden Thompson) Mad Man - 1 (Jimmy Wages) Heartbreakin' Love (Jimmy Wages) Miss Pearl (Jimmy Wages) Take Me From This Garden Of Evil (Jimmy Wages) Mad Man - 2 (Jimmy Wages) Miracle Of You (Hannah Fay) It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) (Hannah Fay) Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On (Jerry Lee Lewis) You Win Again (Jerry Lee Lewis) High School Confidential (Jerry Lee Lewis) Crazy Heart (Jerry Lee Lewis) Breakup (Jerry Lee Lewis) Put Me Down (Jesse Lee Turner) Whirlwind (Charlie Rich) Charlie's Boogie (Charlie Rich) Blue Suede Shoes (Charlie Rich) My Baby Done Left Me (Charlie Rich) Rebound (Charlie Rich) Lonely Weekends (Charlie Rich)

CD 6
Stairway To Nowhere (Ernie Barton) She's Gone Away (Ernie Barton) (Did You Tell Me) You Don't Care (Narvel Felts) Cry Baby Cry (Narvel Felts) I Wanta Rock (Patsy Holcomb) Ooh That's Good (Patsy Holcomb) Someone To Love (Patsy Holcomb) Memories Of You (Magel Priesman) Judy (Rudy Grayzell) Drive-In (Mack Vickery) Have You Ever Been Lonely (Mack Vickery) Fool Proof (Mack Vickery) Tough Tough Tough (Andy Anderson) Sorry I Lied (Cliff Thomas) To Tell The Truth (Bobbie & The Boys) Flat Foot Sam (Tommy Blake) Lordy Hoody (Tommy Blake) I Dig You Baby - 1 (Tommy Blake) You Better Believe It - 1 (Tommy Blake) Sweetie Pie (Tommy Blake) I Dig You Baby - 2 (Tommy Blake) Shake Around (Tommy Blake) You Better Believe It - 2 (Tommy Blake) Rock Boppin' Baby (Edwin Bruce) Eight Wheel Driver (Edwin Bruce) Sweet Woman (Edwin Bruce) Baby That's Good (Edwin Bruce) King Of Fools (Edwin Bruce) Memories Never Grow Old (Dickey Lee) Good Lovin' (Dickey Lee) Fool Fool Fool (Dickey Lee) Dreamy Nights (Dickey Lee) Hey Heart (Dickey Lee)

CD 7
Right Behind You Baby (Ray Smith) So Young (Ray Smith) Why Why Why (Ray Smith) You Made A Hit (Ray Smith) Sail Away (Ray Smith) Rockin' Bandit (Ray Smith) Willing And Ready (Ray Smith) Forever Yours (Ray Smith) Shake Around (Ray Smith) Breakup (Ray Smith) Sandy Lee (Mack Allen Smith) Mean Woman Blues (Mack Allen Smith) Kansas City (Mack Allen Smith) Young Dreams (Mack Allen Smith) Mona Lisa (Carl Mann) Rockin' Love (Carl Mann) Pretend (Carl Mann) Too Young (Carl Mann) A Thousand Guitars (Tracy Pendarvis) Is It Too Late (Tracy Pendarvis) Is It Me (Tracy Pendarvis) Southbound Line (Tracy Pendarvis) Beat It (Tracy Pendarvis) Your Lovin' Man (Vernon Taylor) Today Is Blue Day (Vernon Taylor) Breeze (Vernon Taylor) Hey Little Girl (Vernon Taylor) Mystery Train - 1 (Vernon Taylor) This Kinda Love (Vernon Taylor) Sweet And Easy To Love (Vernon Taylor) Mystery Train - 2 (Vernon Taylor)

CD 8
Thinkin' Of Me (Mickey Gilley) Have A Little Party (C'mon Baby) (Mickey Gilley) Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On (Mickey Gilley) I'll Change My Ways (Danny Stewart) This Old Heart Of Mine (Eddie Bond) Love Is My Business (Cliff Gleaves) What Are You Gonna Do Now (Charlotte Smith) I Lost My Baby (Roy Hall) Christene (Roy Hall) Apron Strings (Curtis Hobock) (There's My Baby) Walkin' (The Stroll) (Charlie Pride) With Your Love, With Your Kiss (Johnny Powers) No More Crying The Blues (Alton & Jimmy) Raunchy (Bill Justis Orchestra) The Midnight Man (Vocal by Roger Fakes & The Bill Justis Orchestra) Somehow We'll Find A Way (Vocal by Roger Fake Bill Justis Orchestra) Wild Rice (Bill Justis Orchestra) College Man (Vocal by Billy Riley) (Bill Justis Orchestra) Scroungie (Bill Justis Orchestra) After The Hop (Vocal by Bill Pinky & The Turk Bill Justis Orchestra) Sally's Got A Sister (vocal by Bill Pinky & T Bill Justis Orchestra Bop Train (Bill Justis Orchestra) Flip Flop And Bop (Bill Justis Orchestra) Rolando (Roland Janes Band) Little Bitty Pretty Girl (Vocal by Eddie Cash Roland Janes Band) Hey Good Lookin' (Vocal by Eddie Cash) Roland Janes Band) Sugarfoot Rag (Martin Willis) Hey Bo Diddley (Jimmy M. Van Eaton) That's The Way I Feel (Jimmy Pritchett) Tuff (Cattywampus) (Johnny Ace Cannon) That's Just Too Bad (Johnny Ace Cannon) 706 Union (Brad Suggs)

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