dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

Rough Stuff Boppin

1 Honey & Sonny(The Davis Twins) I�m Rough Stuff 2 Plain Slim & The O�Dell Family One Little Tear Drop Too Late 3 Weldon Rogers & Wanda Wolfe Woman Drivers 4 Cliff Clay & The Rainbow Rhythmaires Sugar Baby 5 Silver Run Troubadours Sweet Suzie Jane 6 Ken Lightner & His Hay Riders Mary Ann 7 Bill Marcum & Jimmie Evans Eight String Rock 8 Riley Crabtree I�ve Lived Two Days In One 9 James O�Gwynn & His Cry Babies Ready For Freddy 10 Buck Griffin One Day After Payday 11 Wade Jackson With Weldon & Wanda Rogers Father Time & Mother Nature 12 Bill Price With Cunningham Brothers Stephie Gal 13 Rex Zario You Nearly Lose Your Mind 14 Bennie Hess & His Dobro Boy The Truck Drivin�Man 15 Harold Cavallero Brown Eyed Gal 16 Doye O�Dell Everybody Needs A Little Lovin� 17 Charlie Ryan & The Timberline Riders Hot Rod Guitar 18 The Old Dixie Drifter Big � Big Man 19 Bob Stanley With Jack Tucker & The Oklahoma Playbo Your Triflin�Ways 20 Jimmie Zack Lost John�s Gone 21 Salty Holmes With Joe Maphis Harmonica Boogie Shuffle 22 Billy Wallace Wolf Call 23 Bud Alden & The Buckeroos When The Ice Worms Nest Again 24 Marty Martin Mobile,Alabama Blues 25 Elmer Bryant Gertie�s Garter Broke 26 Chester Smith Tennessee Saturday Night 27 Don Cathey Deejay Swing 28 Bennie Hess Trucker�s Blues 29 Betty Jo & Johnny Starr Eskimo Boogie 30 Danny Brockman Big Big Man

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