maandag 4 augustus 2014

Rockin' Guitar & Early Original Piano Boogie Woogie

Charles Smith & The Coachmen - Going Wild The Teen Rockers - Teen Rock Surf Teens - Church Key The Vibra-Tones - Half Tuff Continental Rockers - Flashback The Shattoes - Surf Fever The Fretts - Ranch Steve Rowe & The Furys - Minor Chaos Surf Teens - Bullwinkle Charles Smith & The Coachmen - Hard To Find Eddie Eddings - Farmer's Boogie The Impacts - Row Boatrock The Fretts - Big Chord The Escos - Surf Ride The Spartans - Jungle Call The Travelaires - Chopped Liver The Swingin' Bs - B's Wax The Sundowners - Buccaneer The Fretts - Patti's Rock The Bel-Aires - Baggies The Thundermen - Flyin' High The Ramrods - War Party Dan Smith - Twang The Teen Rockers - Road Block The Spartans - In The Mood The Monterays - Turtle Travis & The Sundowns - Tinkerbell Gene Rodgers - Jukebox Boogie Elliot Carpenter - Hollywood Boogie Billy Penerose Quartet - Billy's Boogie Bobby Batson - Bobby's Boogie Maurice Rocco - Tonky Blues Tony Short - Dipper Mouth Blues Al Winter & The Wildcats - Barcarole Boogie Hazel Scott - Hazel's Boogie Woogie Elliot Carpenter - I Don't Know Boogie Maurice Rocco - Rocco's Boogie Woogie Bunny Banks - Paratroop Boogie Martha Davis - Martha Boogie Deryck Sampson - Table Top Boogie Lawrence Cook - Cook'n The Boogie Dorothy Donigan - Piano Boogie Pat Flowers - Eight Mile Boogie Jack Larue - Ringside Boogie Harry Gibson - Barrelhouse Boogie Dorothy Donigan - Little Girl From St Louis Lawrence Cook - Mason Dixie Boogie Pat Flowers - Canteen Honky Tonk Boogie Kenny Kersey Trio - Jatp Boogie Mary Lou Williams - Roll 'Em Harry Gibson - Riot In Boogie Joshua Johnson - Battin' The Boogie Willie Johnson - Sampson Street Boogie Tom Harris & Charley Castner - Death & Transfiguration Stomp Rockin' Guitar CD 1.rar
Rockin' GuitarCD 2.rar

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