dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Rockin' and Stompin'

1.Roberts, Wayne - Stomping Grounds 2.Night Hawks - You're My Baby 3.Larado, Clev - Cool It Baby 4.Daniel, Jody - Miss Secretary 5.Tampellas - I Love Girls 6.Majorana, James - My Bernadette 7.Grimes, Gary - Rockin' At The Conservatory 8.Paige, Bobby .- Little Hot Rod 9.Kelly, Jimmy .- Little Chickie [alt. vers.] [unissued] 10.Monday, Florian - Lovin' 11.Stone, Charlie - Frankie And Johnny 12.Mayes, "Little" Herbie - The Cricket 13.Engel, Scott - Good For Nothin' 14.Swanger, Sandy - School Bus Ride 15.Reeves, Horace - She's My Baby 16.Jackson, Sammy - Are You My Baby 17.Hatcher, Herschel T. - Ladie's 18.Rocket-Tones - Fireball 19.Chaparrals - The Italian Stallion 20.Chaparrals - Chaparral Stick 21.Jones, Chuck - You've Got The Wrong Baby, Baby [alt. vers.] [unissued] 22.Morgan, Bill - She Gave Me Lovin' 23.Carpenter, Tommy - That's My Style 24.Engel, Scott - The Livin' End 25.Fantastics - The Thing In F 26.Valentine, Tony - Don't Bother Me 27.Blackwell Twins - That's My Baby 28.Price, Skeets - Tallahassee Lassie 29.Hake, Glenn - The Bullfrog Rock 30.Good, Bobby - Wicked Ruby

Rockin' and Stompin'.rar

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