zondag 3 augustus 2014

Rock 'N' Roll With Piano Vol. 12

1 Frankie & Johnny Picadilly Rose 2 Eye Zooms On The Line 3 Marvin Paul None Of Your Business 4 Joe Raminez & The Jumping Jacks Hey 5 Tony Charles Quartet Hey! There Baby 6 Cliff. Drivers Drive On 7 The Little Indians No 8 The Badamats Not Anymore 9 Pickard Bros. You've Got A Little Bit 10 Bob Taylor Peach Fuzz 11 Curtis Wayne Be Nobody's Fool 12 Don Bader & The Schleppers Honky Tonk 13 Tony Charles Quartet Playgirl 14 Jo Raminez & The Jumping Jacks The Push 15 Johnny Ramistella & Orch Two By Two 16 The Checkers Skooby Doo 17 Eddie Williams Cigarette & Coffee Blues 18 Los Boppers Rasquense 19 Billy Wade & The Country Boys Conscious, Let Me Go 20 Big Jim & The Nightriders Night Rider Blues 21 The Doublettes Falling Hard For You 22 Lonnie Youngblood's Combo Riverside Rock 23 Tommy Pleasant & The Vikings You Never Can Tell 24 Unknown Piano Player Three Blind Boogie 25 Tom King & The Starfires I Love You Cause I Love You 26 Big Jim & The Nightriders The Twitch 27 Bart Barton Ain't I'm A Mess 28 Aubrey A.Gass & The Hel-Cats Corn Fed Gal 29 Sid Bradley Great Googly Moogly 30 Unknown Piano Player Ubbie Boogie 31 Herman Schmerdley Folsom Prison Blues

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