maandag 18 augustus 2014

Misty Rockin' Nights

1 Jim Oertling Back Forty 2 Phil De Marco & The Valiants Be On Your Way 3 Alan Riddle The Moon Is Crying 4 Benny Joy Dark Angel 5 Benny Joy Wild, Wild Lover 6 Mark Evans It's Love 7 Johnnie Rivers Don't Bug Me Baby 8 The Rav'Ons Teen Age Hop 9 The Trackers Trackin' (Inst.) 10 Burnell Martin Burnell's Boogie 11 Joe Hall & The Corvettes Cold Hearted Woman 12 George Quarta, Jr. Don't Move 13 Johnny Cates & The New West Thunder 14 Donald Daffron Walkin' And Cryin' 15 Clyde law & Todd's One Man Band What's He Got 16 Joe Hall & The Corvettes Bongo Beating Beatnik 17 Hank Moore Sour Mash (Inst.) 18 Little Mojo & The Jesters Mojo Rockin' 19 Ray Strong You're gonna Reap What You Sow 20 Billy Taylor Loving Fever 21 Roger Smith Baby I love The R & R 22 Joe Diamond Three Sheets In The Wind 23 The Trackers Jilted Fever 24 Misty Knights Contrary Many 25 Misty Knights Misty Night (Inst.) 26 Joe Nardone's All Stars The Wiggle 27 Richard Burleson & The Golden Rockets Go Girl Go 28 Joe Nardone's All Stars Pizza Pie 29 Johnny Champion Beer Drinking Daddy 30 Johnny Canales Johnny B. Goode

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