woensdag 30 juli 2014

Early Canadian Rockers Vol 5

1 Keray Regan & The Hachey Brothers Hen House Rock 2 Donny Burns Cool Yule 3 The Bucks My Bonnie 4 Andy Wilson My Love, My Love 5 The Valentines The Sock 6 Ray Ethier Slave Girl (inst.) 7 R. Dean Taylor We Fell In Love As We Tangoed 8 Jim Morrison Ready To Rock 9 Gerry Fiander So Long, Goodbye 10 Terry Roberts & The Deans Janie 11 The Checkers Twistin Inn (inst) 12 Luke Simmons & His Blue Mountain Boys Honky Tonk Man 13 Hank Turko & Johnny & The Nite-Liters Teenage Fool 14 The Chieftones (All Indian Band) Mona Lisa 15 Barry Boyd with The Frantics You're For Me 16 Terry Roberts & The Deans Oh Lonesome Me 17 Myrna Lorrie Well All Right 18 Luke Simmons & His Blue Mountain Boys Party Doll 19 Hugh Dixon Big Blast (inst.) 20 Judy Warren with Lloyd Wright & The R.R Teenage Boogie 21 Billy Earl & The Galaxies Watch Your Step (inst.) 22 Larry Lee & The Leesures I've Got A Feeling 23 Johnny Teah & The Jubilee Mountain Boys Sad Whistle 24 Jack Kingston Freight Train Blues 25 Hank Smith & The Maddisons Snake Bite (inst.) 26 Joyce Smith Big City 27 Jerry Palmer Hey Sweet Baby 28 Bill Furie & Rommie Allen & the Can. D. Surf Party 29 Mel Shaw Mean Lover 30 The Crescendos Long Tall Sally 31 Stan Cayer 3 Wild Woman 32 Luke Simmons & His Blue Mountain Boys Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Early Canadian Rockers Vol. 5.rar

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