woensdag 30 juli 2014

Early Canadian Rockers Vol 1

1 Kenny And The Be-Bops Lindy Lou 2 Dickie Damron Gonna Have A Party 3 Dickie Damron Rockin' Party 4 Jack Bailey & The Naturals Oh What Love Is 5 Red Shea Moon Boogie Twist 6 Jack Bailey & The Naturals The Bad Appel 7 The Dukes Little Woman 8 Barry Boyd And The Frantics Gion' Home To Memphis 9 Gary Cooper Come On Pretty Baby 10 Jimmy Merrill & The ???? A Woman's Mind 11 Cliff And Jerry Looking For My Baby 12 Tommy Danton & The Echoes Oh Yeah 13 The Versatiles Rockalena 14 The Blue Tones Shake Shake 15 Vanda Kings Oh Watcha Do! 16 The-Hi-Fives Mean Old Woman 17 Bernie Early Ferris Wheel Twist 18 Billy Guitar & The Night Hawks Here Comes The Night 19 The Rockatunes Woman Fever 20 Jimmy Ordge Easy Rockin' Chair 21 The Checkers Stormin' 22 Tommy Danton & The Echoes Rocket To The Moon 23 Tommy Danton & The Echoes Twenty One 24 Dick Damron I Guess That's Life 25 Dick Damron Black Maria 26 Barry Boyd And The Frantics You're For Me 27 Larry Lee & The Leesures Someday 28 Dick Damron That's What I Call Livin' 29 The Asteroides Shhhhhh Blast Off 30 Ler Trois Clefs Ah! Qui Je L'aime Tant 31 Bernie Early Rock Doll

CLCD 4426 Canadian Rockers Vol 1.rar

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