dinsdag 17 juni 2014

Rock Along

01-TED NEWTON/tennessee rhythm 02-CHUCK THARP/long long pony tail 03-JIMMY WORK/tennessee border 04-HOWIE STANGE WITH JIM FLAHERTY'S CARAVAN/baby i'm sorry 05-BILL MORGAN/i need your love 06-THE GLENTELLS/pow wow 07-CHESTER SMITH/tennessee saturday night 08-TED NEWTON/walkin down the road 09-JIMMY REAGAN & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS/can't you see it in my eyes 10-FRED MICK & THE KINGSMEN/baby what you want me to do 11-TOMMY LAW/loose yuice 12-JIMMY REAGAN & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS/lonely lonely heart 13-LEONARD CLARK & THE LAND OF SKY BOYS/come to your tommy now 14-THE SAVOYS/i love my baby 15-THE GLENTELLS/uprisin 16-BILL ROYAL/caffeine nicotine & gasoline 17-MOREY DUBOIS/if you can spare the time 18-FRED MICK & THE KINGSMEN/daddy o goose & the 3 little piggies

Rock Along.rar

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