donderdag 8 mei 2014

Wild Rockin' With Vocal Backing

1 Unknown Backing With Gene Princeton Big Fat Saturday Night
2 Unknown Backing With Keith Parkera Release Me
3 The Sonics With Unknown Singer Peanut Butter
4 The Chevelles/The Centuries With Roger Hopkins Ronda Run Runner
5 The Calenders With Freddie Meade Mepri Stomp
6 Unknown Backing With Gene Princeton Hes Got The Whole World
7 The Rugbeaters With Billy Lee Wont You Take Me Back
8 Unknown Backing With Bruce Eller The Little Sports Car
9 Dick Lurie Sextet & Four Friends With Hank Kanui Butterfingers
10 The Blue Angels With Little Boo Yea Yea Miss Ann
11 Teen-Beets With Unknown Singer Oh Baby
12 The Bluenotes Rock De La Risa
13 The Kisses With M.King & His Crowd With Ted Forbes Knee Sox
14 The Joy Boys With Col Joye Todays Teardrops
15 The Thunderbirds With Johnny The Fugitive
16 The Beavers & Sundowners With Sonny Sheather Mississippi Ride
17 Unknown Backing With Carmol Taylor Tell Me What To Do
18 The Kisses With M.King & His Crowd With Ted Forbes The Flirt
19 The Keynotes With Gene Anderson Ive Got It Made
20 Unknown Backing With Little Johnny Sala Casual Little Girl
21 Del-Royals With Unknown Singer Id Wait Forever
22 Unknown Backing And Singer Carnival Rock & Roll
23 The Counts With Ray Gee Hootenanny Baby
24 The Van-Dells With Myron Crazy Little Mama
25 Unknown Backing and Singer Rock A Bye

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