woensdag 14 mei 2014

No Black Money Baby

1 Jimmy McPhail With Bill Harris & His Swanging Than Ding Dong Babe
2 Joe Richards Yould Better Change
3 Doug Powell & The Valients The Whip
4 Brother Blues & The Back Room Boys Feather Weight Mama
5 Al Harrison Brand New Money
6 Lewis Nelson & Combo No Money Baby
7 The Fortunes Runnin (Inst.)
8 Chicago Piano C Red Miss Annie Lou
9 Marie Williams Cat Scratching
10 Al T.Joe With The Celestials You Cheated On Me
11 Eugene Lee & Ren Hall Orch Money Blues
12 Owen Gray & Sonny Bradshaw Quartet Lonely Days
13 Chicago Piano C Red 1 Minute After Mid-Nite
14 Texas Red & Jimmy Comin Home
15 Marie Williams Come Back To Me
16 Jon Thomas & Band Rib Tips (Inst.)
17 Tobin Matthews Slippin And Slidin
18 Little Bebby & The Stereos Drinking Wine,Spodie Odie
19 The Night Owls You Shouldn t Oughta Done It
20 Tobin Matthews Groanin (Inst.)
21 Bill Hold & The Coronas I Need Your Lovin Again
22 Henry Yeakel & The Jones Boys Tippin In
23 Pearl Reaves With Paul Farano Trio I Want You To Love Me
24 Little Crarence Come Into My Heart
25 Red Miller Nobility Boogie

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