woensdag 21 mei 2014

Great Black Cooga-Mooga

1 Chuck Mann Little Miss Muffet
2 Danny Run Joe Taylor Makeena
3 Rudy Ray Moore & Dick Barrow Orch Take A Little Time To Do Right
4 Charles Walker It Aint Right
5 Big Mack & His Shufflers Out Of My Mind
6 Elmer Parker & The Light Lighters You Know I Love You
7 Williams French With Eugene Isom & His Van-Glorian Hey, Hey, Baby
8 Little Mr. Blues George Terry & Duke Anderson Al Mama-Your Daughter Plays It Cool
9 Johnny Irving & The Blue Notes Ive Got So Many Woman
10 Johnny Johnson Great Cooga-Mooga
11 Charles Walker Charles Walker Slop
12 Little Mr. Blues George Terry & Duke Anderson All Rough And Rocky
13 Escos Chick-A-Dee
14 Fay Simmons Ella Weaver
15 Sonny & The Premiers Hey Miss Fancy
16 Billy Hoke Cryin And Wonderin
17 Johnny Wright Gotta Have You For Myself
18 Jimmy Wildman Spruill Scratchin (Inst.)
19 Elmer Parker & The Light Lighters I Like The Way You Walk
20 Fay Simmons Secret Love
21 Leroy & The Premiers Run Along Baby
22 Roy Brown Young Blood Twist
23 Elliott Shavers Party Poppin-part 2 (Inst.)
24 Jimmy Wildman Spruill Country Boy
25 Johnson Boudreaux & The Jokers Orch Love Money

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