vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Embassy Record Story - A Tribuye To Cliff Richard

Move It : Hal Burton
High Class Baby : Rikki Henderson
Meanstreak : Johnny Worth
Living Doll : Johnny Worth
Travellin' Light : Dick Jordan
Dynamite : Rikki Henderson
A Voice In The Wilderness : Johnny Worth
Fall in Love With You : Bobby Stevens
Please Don't Tease : Don Duke
Nine Times Out Of Ten : Johnny Worth
I Love You : Bobby Stevens
Theme For A Dream : Don Duke
Gee Whiz It's You : Don Duke
A Girl Like You : Bobby Stevens
When the Girl in Your Arms : Don Duke
The Young Ones : Bobby Stevens
I'm Looking Out The Window : Bobby Stevens
It'll Be Me : Les Carle
The Next Time : Mike Redway
Bachelor Boy : Ray Pilgrim
Summer Holiday : Mike Redway
Lucky Lips : Mike Redway
It's All In The Game : Mike Redway
On The Beach : Redd Wayne
The Twelfth Of Never : Redd Wayne

Embassy Record Story - A Tribuye To Clif....rar

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