woensdag 21 mei 2014

Black Which-A-Way Rhythm

1 Robert & Jimmy Up Tight
2 Jimmy Shaw Take A Chance On me
3 Little Sonny I Love You Baby Until The Day I Die
4 Charolette Cole Aint That Worth Something Baby
5 Erline Harris With The Johnson Brothers Combo Jump And Shout
6 The Jets Tell Me
7 The Passengers Sand In Your Eye
8 Clifford Curry, Jr. With Dewey Guy And The Fabulou Kiss,Kiss,Kiss
9 Roy Wright No Haps
10 Jimmy Shaw Big Chief Hug-Um An Kiss Um
11 Little Sonny Love Shock
12 The Twilighters & The Walter Williams Show,With T Hootenanny Stomp
13 The Jets Feel The Same
14 Floyd(Horsecollar) Williams Horsecollar Blues
15 Cilfford Curry, Jr. With Dewey Guy And The Fabulo Crazy For You
16 Fay Simmons And The Angels Sing
17 Tippie & The Clovermen Gimme,Gimme,Gimme
18 Ben Harper & The Penetrators Which-A-Way
19 Bill Perry & Harold Price Orch. With The Bel-Aires Hoppin Boppin & Rockin
20 Y-Dells Sneakin Away
21 Preacher Stephens With Foree Wells Combo Mary
22 Artie Wilson Marleen
23 The Foster Brothers & Lefty Guitar Bates Lets Jam
24 Floyd(Horsecollar)Williams Thru Way
25 Preacher Stephens With Foree Wells Combo Unemployment Blues

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