vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

Rockin' Around Nashville

1 Ray Williams & Rampages Aligator Stomp 2 The Green Valley Trio 3000 Miles 3 The Green Valley Trio 300 Miles 4 L.C. Smith & The Southern Playboys Radio Boogie 5 The Good Luck Charms Just Because 6 Pat Brown Forbitten Fruit 7 Ralph Johnson & The Hillbilly Showboys Henpacked Daddy 8 Ralph Johnson Let's Take Some Time Out 9 Ralph Johnson My Baby's Real Gone 10 The Good Luck Charms Unless You'll Find Out 11 Bill Lyle & The Amplifier Bill's Special 12 Dubb Pritchett Joe Coker & The Rock-A-Taires Five O'Clock Hop 13 Dubb Pritchett I Ain't Gonna Do It 14 Dubb Pritchett I Don't Know How To Cook 15 Ralph Johnson She Knows 16 L.C. Smith Corinna, Corinna 17 Ralph Johnson & The Good Luck Charms Automation 18 Don Wade Oh Love 19 Don Wade Bust Head Gin 20 Don Wade Gone Gone Gone 21 Ronnie Allen High School Love 22 Ronnie Allen River Of Love 23 Ronnie Allen Juvenile Delinquent 24 Ronnie Allen This Love Of Ours 25 Ronnie Allen Flip Over You 26 David Barnes & The Hearts Loving On My Mind 27 Ronnie Allen Gonna Get My Baby 28 Ronnie Allen Ronnie's Swanee 29 Delmer Delaney Windy Mountains Blues 30 Ray Williams & Rampages Aligator Stomp

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